Conflict Management Strategy

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    • Conflict Management Strategy
      • Strategies to deal with conflict
      • Overall conflict management process
      • Conflict mediation process if conflict cannot be resolved internally
  • · Strategies for dealing with conflict include the following:

    o Confronting

    o Compromising

    o Smoothing

    o Forcing

    o Avoidance

    o Collaboration

    · Conflict process might include these steps:

    o Analyze the conflict (perhaps even with a fishbone technique).

    o Determine the strategy that will be employed.

    o Negotiate before, during, and after.

    o Reach a consensus.

    o Commit to carry out the solution.

    o Analyze through lessons learned after conflict is resolved.

    · The mediation process could include the following:

    o Go through the normal conflict process first.

    o If this does not work, then you should bring in a trained or certified mediator.

    o This mediator will use facilitation until conflict is resolved.

    o It is important that the mediator can stay neutral and unbiased.

    o Building trust throughout the mediation process is important.