Conflict management: dealing with conflict at work

Order Instructions/Description

This is a Ph.D. thesis proposal that I would like to use to apply in universities. The topic I choose to do is:
Conflict management: dealing with conflict at work
However, if you think you can edit it and make it better please do it.
There are some suggestions I would like to make for the research questions and the objectives. However, as a writer if you think we can make even better and stronger please do. My research questions:
The possible research questions are:

  1. What are the most common types of conflict at the workplace?
  2. What causes team conflict at the workplace?
  3. What strategies organization can use to deal with work conflicts?

Possible Objectives:

  1. To find out why conflicts arise at work.
  2. To explore the common types of conflicts in organizations
  3. To find out the conditions leading to conflict situations in organizations.
  4. To develop a way to deal with conflict situations and conflicts between employees in an organization.

The above questions and objectives I thought is relevant to the topic. However, as I said you can change them according to the ways you think would be better. Could you please also write aims of the research with the objectives.
I spoke to one of my tutors and she suggested me some tips. Her suggestions were like this:
“The only suggestion I would make would be to remove the word ‘team’ from aim 2. You might need to think about how ‘individual’ and ‘team’ conflict differ – or whether team conflict may occur because of certain individuals, and this may be something that will need clarifying and narrowing as you develop the research. But at this stage, all other objectives are broad, and I don’t think that the aim should be limited to team conflict only.

Otherwise, the aims and objectives are aligned, and make sense. One of the next stages is to try to identify a framework/model/theory that you might be able to use for analysis. At this stage, you probably won’t be able to make a decision about which, but you need to find out what might be appropriate. It took me over a year to finalize a theoretical approach to my research, so you would not be expected to be definite about it, but to be aware of relevant theories is important eg: classifications of the type of conflict.”

The structure I would like to have as follows:
Aim and objectives
Rationale of study
Research questions
Literature review
Research methodology
Tentative Timeline: The time I would be taking to complete this course. This is a Ph.D. course so the length of the course is 3 years. I will be starting the course from February 2016.
References: Could you please make sure the references are in Harvard referencing way and the dates, years and the writer’s names are incorrect order. I had some dates wrong last time. So I hope to see them perfect this time.