Conflict management: dealing with conflict at work

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This is a Ph.D. thesis proposal that I would like to use to apply in universities. The topic I choose to do is:

Conflict management: dealing with conflict at work

However, if you think you can edit it and make it better please do it.

There are some suggestions I would like to make for the research questions and the objectives. However, as a writer if you think we can make even better and stronger please do. My research questions:

The possible research questions are:



  1. What are the most common types of conflict at the workplace?
  2. What causes team conflict at the workplace?
  3. What strategies organization can use to deal with work conflicts?


Possible Objectives:


  1. To find out why conflicts arise at work.
  2. To explore the common types of conflicts in organizations
  3. To find out the conditions leading to conflict situations in organizations.
  4. To develop a way to deal with conflict situations and conflicts between employees in an organization.


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