condenser microphone

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  1. What is a condenser microphone?
  2. What is an example of a highly directional microphone?
  3. What are the three components of a wireless microphone system?
  4. What type of cable is used to plug in a microphone?
  5. What are the directional response patterns?
  6. What is off-axis?

  7. At what frequency is a “line up tone” or two pop?

  8. How does compression work?
  9. How does a gate work?
  10. How does a limiter work?

  11. What are the “on-set” calls?

  12. Who is the A.D?

  13. What is a sample rate, and what are the standard sample rates of:
    a. A CD
    b. Audio for film

Section 2: Theory Questions

  1. What are 3 issues that you would have with recording a scene for a film in a subway tunnel?
  2. How would you go about setting up microphones for a Sound Effects shoot for a vehicle so that you get as much out of each recording as possible?
  3. You are shooting a dance sequence in a film. What information would you need to get about how the sequence will be shot and how would that effect what gear you bring to the shoot?