concise Project Proposal for Knowledge Discovery

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concise Project Proposal for Knowledge Discovery
Use Microsoft Word to create a concise Project Proposal for Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 1-2 single-spaced pages in length, containing the following sections:

This section provides an overview of your project and then makes a statement of proposal.
Define the area of research that is the focus of your project; define the context and the knowledge base the research is based on.
oProject Goals

This section concisely states the goals of your project. Examples of goals are listed in the KDD Cup pages (see examples on It should include the questions the project intends to answer. Describe the problem(s) to be solved, as a set of general questions the data mining system will provide insight into, and the intended users.

List the size of the dataset of your choice by specify the number of attributes, domain of attributes, number of rows, percentage of missing values, and format. Just a reminder, you should choice a dataset from the UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive,

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