Conceptual Design Report

Order Instructions/Description

The report must be of 1.5 line spaced text in an 11pt font (minimum size) which should include:
An appraisal of two distinct and viable structural solutions for the main building, together with their
associated column/wall layouts. The appraisals should comprise sketches with supporting notes outlining the
intended load transfer mechanisms, framing and stability arrangements, and some brief notes on construction
An evaluation of the merits and disadvantages of the two solutions. The evaluation should identify
significant differences such as cost, buildability etc between the two alternatives, and make a recommendation
in favour of one solution.
Details of the foundation scheme adopted for the preferred solution, with a rationale for the selection.
(Detailed design of the foundation elements needs to be included in the Detailed Design Report
Promotion of sustainability and environmental considerations.(separate section)
A statement of how robustness to avoid disproportionate collapse is satisfied.

This report that should be made had a presentation on, the report needs to be done as specified with relating to the presentation which I will send in an attachment.

I will upload a sample as well the writer can read through to get a better ideas related to this report.

The previous time I ordered from superior the writer canceled on me before 2 hours of the deadline, I just want to make sure that work would be perfect and submitted on time.