Computer Science

Assignment Requirements

Imagine you have just received a desktop computer as a gift. You want to set it up in a room that cannot be easily reached with a UTP cable from your home Internet connection. You decide to add wireless capability to this computer (since it did not come with this feature installed). Additionally, you need to upgrade your home router to also be a wireless access point.


Your goal is to (hypothetically) purchase a new device that acts as a wireless access point and router (typically called a “wireless router”). You also need to (hypothetically) buy a wireless NIC for your “new” computer.


Research your options (on the Internet or in a retail store) and write a report at least one (single-spaced) page in length (you should put a space between paragraphs) on which access point/router and wireless NIC you would choose to purchase. If you gather information from the Internet, make sure you cite your sources at the end of your paper.


Make clear the specifications and capabilities of these items, that they are compatible with each other, how you configured them to work, and why you chose these particular items. Discuss your options to make your wireless network secure. For example, explain how you can decrease the possibility that your neighbor will connect to your network (without your permission) and use your ISP connection to access the Internet. Overall, you are trying to provide a comprehensive explanation, from the beginning of your process to the end, of how you established a working and secure wireless network.


To “make the playing field level” for everyone in regards to comparing the amount of written content produced, please format your document using Times New Roman, 12-point font. The file you submit must be in a Microsoft Word compatible format. If the file is saved in a .doc/.docx (Word) or .rtf (WordPad) format, it should meet the requirement. Be sure to include your name and “NET 110 Wireless Lab Project” at the top of the page.


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