Computer programming

Order Instructions/Description

This paper is a( research report) and You are asked to research about comparison of multiple languages for introductory teaching.

There are three areas include in this topic that you have to focus on:

1- investigate the complexities of introductory programming.
2- what languages are being used.

3- what are the benefits of one language over others.

Here are some of these languages and you may choose more than one in when you write this paper:

( JAVA , c++,c, Matlab )


  • Try to avoid simply stating your opinion; it is preferable to provide reasons, as well as evidence, to support the comments and opinions that you express in the written document.

  • Here are some headings and steps you should follow:

  • title page

  • abstract

  • table of contents

  • introduction

  • body of the report

  • conclusions and recommendations

  • references

  • appendices.

  • do not forget to give some evidences and reasons when you write your comments.Also, # of pages are 5+ references pages.