Computer Modelling

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


REsit Instruction:
Use the original assignment specification but make the following modifications:

1. Do questions 1A and 2A (i.e., both music theory questions).

2. In question 1A (scales), instead of generating the 7 western modal scales for any key note, generate the following 7 scales for any key note instead:
major pentatonic
minor pentatonic
melodic minor
harmonic minor
natural minor

3. In question 2A (chord), instead of synthesising the 8 chord types shown in the original brief, synthesise the following 8 chord types instead:
diminished triad
augmented triad
7th diminished
7th augmented
major 6
minor 6
7th half diminished
7th minor-major

As with the original assignment, details of these scale and chords can be found on