Computer Animation and Multimedia

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Computer Animation and Multimedia
The assignment for this module (50% of marks awarded) is relatively open
You will produce an application /game/ presentation/ animation/ tool/ teaching artifact of your choice
The artifact must be your own work (no more that 33% of properly referenced 3rd party code will be accepted)
The artefact must demonstrate the application of knowledge derived from the course and as such will encompass three or more of the individual topics considered within the course. For example, a simulation based upon the Game of Life might also include sound and textual representations. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of a particular application, please consult with the module director.

Marking Scheme
50% of the total marks available will be allocated to software quality. This will encompass the efficient and appropriate use of programming constructs including data structures, object oriented design and algorithms. 15% of marks are reserved for suitable documentation including coding comments and brief documentation (outlined below). The remaining marks will be allocated according to a subset of the following criteria, which will be selected as is appropriate for the nature of the project undertaken:
Entertainment Quality
Educational Quality
Breadth (topics encompassed)
The documentation should comprise a single MS Word or OpenDoc document of two pages in length which describes the work that you have undertaken and the architecture/structure of your solution. Documentation marks (15%) will be awarded for clear code commenting (typically one comment per function or method) and a clear description of the solution.
Marks for criteria other than software quality and documentation will be dependent upon the criteria applicable to specific applications. For example, for a relatively simple graphics presentation (eg. demonstration of recursive patterns) a high degree of professionalism in presentation would be expected (Aesthetics and Quality).
Work should be submitted in a single ZIP file bearing your Keele user name (the first part of your email address). This should contain the single word document and a single sketch folder containing all sub-folders and resources necessary for the functioning of the code.