Complete a public/community health problem analysis

Identify a population based public/community health problem in Wake County, North Carolina. Your selection could be based on one of the following:
a. Cultural/ethnic group, e.g. Native Americans, Russians, Latinos, Black Americans, etc.
b. A disease/disability group, e.g. diabetics, persons with A.I.D.S. (P.W.A.), people with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.
c. Health coverage category, e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal (California), Women, Infants, Children (W.I.C.) program, etc.

2. Provide a description of your selected health problem.

3. Obtain epidemiology/demographic data from Wake County, North Carolina health department that documents the problem, provides parameters, and defines/illustrates the scope of the problem.

4. Research, identify, and describe a minimum of four resources currently available/providing services to/for your selected group. These may include any of the following: programs/ agencies which provide specialized services/interventions, or grant monies. Describe the programs and discuss how the availability/existence of the program/service is communicated to the selected population group i.e. how does the population find out about the availability of services or the existence of the organization/agency?

5. Identify and discuss the barriers to solving your selected public/community health problem in terms of the following:
a. services needed
b. access
c. communication challenges
d. regulatory/political issues
e. inter-agency scope of delivery and care
f. financing/economics/budgetary issues
g. population/human impact

6. Identify and discuss the major stakeholders that would be involved in solving your public/community health problem. Are there any agencies with conflicting agendas and/or crossovers of service provision?

7. Based on your analysis, make three recommendations to solve your identified problem. Provide data and reference citations to support and lend credibility to your recommendations.