Compare two figures of activism (Bakayoko in God??s Bits of Wood) and George Adams (The Stone Country)

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You will have to deal with a subject of your choice and analyze it in two different materials studied in class (films, novels, songs, videos, etc.). This task will require from you a comparative or contrast analysis. You could also decide to work on two different themes within a material, but this would require a good understanding of the material and a capacity to about repeating the same ideas in each theme deal with.
Remember, a comparison or contrast paper is an essay wherein you either compare at least two different elements (emphasizing their similarities), and contrast them (emphasizing their diverging features). In the context of this course, your essay will focus on two of the syllabus materials to discuss the ways the two are alike as well they are different from each other. A clear and argumentative compare/contrast essay will include the following characteristics:
A comparative topic title which specifies the notion and the materials you want to discuss.
An introductory paragraph that shows your general knowledge of the subject by displaying an overview of your subject matter. A good definition of the keywords of your topic would be a useful way to let your reader know the extent to which you know what you are dealing with. This paragraph should also include a thesis statement which contains an idea or a claim that identifies and underlie the purpose or main idea of your text. This section therefore announces your intentional plan that will be outlined through the body and conclusion.
A well-organized body is one of the most exhilarating challenges of this exam, because you are expected to discuss a variety of evidence and illustrations drawn from your different sources and materials. They need an internal organization that will help the reader understand the way they are connected to one another by means of a coherent reasoning. You will need in your analysis to keep as close as possible to your materials and quote from them to back up and illustrate your arguments; otherwise you will give the impression that your writing is disconnected to the content of your materials. But avoid writing a text that is just paraphrasing the materials. Quotations must only be there to highlight your arguments, and confirm the points that are being developed; they can never replace your ideas.
A conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes how you proved your argument. Offering insights about the implications of your arguments or findings for further investigation would certainly make your conclusion more interesting.
The required number of words is 1,300. Avoid writing fewer words than required. But avoid an overflow of words reaching far beyond the required number. Quality is better than quantity.
Those who plan to write an extension of the subject they chose for short essay are required to write 1,600 words. They will have to avoid repeating the same arguments, and will need a better organization of the overall analysis.
Write clearly on top of your essay the title of your paper, the topic you want to discuss, and the materials you are going to analyze.
Remember to report the works cited at the end of your essay. Don??t forget to give your word count at the bottom of your work.
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