Company strategic Audit for marriot

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Select a specific company of your choice, approved by the Instructor, to complete a company strategic audit. It is a group assignment. Groups are self-selected and must be approved with the Instructor before proceeding with all group projects. Examples are shared on the homepage of the assignment. Do not select a same company that is an example. The basic elements required for this assignment are contained in chapter 1, Appendix 1.A, pages 34-41. The audit requires essential elements be completed, but it also represents an opportunity to ‘exceed expectations’. Let your work reflect your interest, enthusiasm, and passion for the company as well as knowledge on key topics in the course. Make learning exciting. There is not a page length assigned, but remember ‘your analysis should be long enough to be thorough, but short enough to be interesting.’ I expect analyses will be approximately 35-40 pages. The upper page limit should provide a comfortable range. All company selections need to be approved no later than October 5th. Any company analysis submitted without approval will be reduced one letter grade automatically. Please select early. Remember to edit your work. from the customer:”the Google strategic file is a templete from previous class, and it was done by a group. and the zipped file is the questions for my part. I’m only required to do marketing, finance, R&D and Operations and Logistics.
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