Order Details;

Introduction should have brief description of company situation and what the report will cover.

Current / Future Business Environment
oSteep – table / group trend map with referenced material from web, journal articles, etc.

Choices for Company
Brief Justification of 3 countries to compare with Japan.

Briefly explain and justify analytical structure to use e.g. swot & pest/pestle/steep combination table (use reference to assist justification if possible). And outline weights to be used (small table would be sufficient).

Table(s) of data an analysis should include:-

Strengths and Weaknesses with sub headings.

Analysis of 3 countries against Japan :-Opportunities and threats combined with pest / pestle / steep should include weightings and calculations. It also needs to present data for Japan and 3 other countries chosen. Real data included should include cost, technology, market, culture and risk data. Exchange rate data and cluster data may also be suitable here.

oYou may wish to have summary table of the scores for the countries, for the pest / pestle / steep

Then discussion of location decision (i.e. which country and why, using the summary)

Choice of Method (Joint ventures, Greenfield sites, Mergers /Acquisitions)
Table explaining different choices available and strengths and weaknesses of each.
Choice of method and why. (Speed, Control Cost, Risk etc)

Brief conclusion


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