Company Analysis

Order Instructions/Description

Select a company, and access the company’s data via the SEC website (Filings/Company Filings Search).  To obtain the XBRL financial reports, select “10-K” as the Filing Type, and select the Interactive Data for the most recent Form 10-K annual filing.  Add a new tab to the front of the downloaded Excel file and complete the following:
Via the SEC website:
a) What is the company’s SIC code?
b) Drill down on the red SIC code and list two other companies in the same industry.
Using the Excel financial statements:
c) Calculate the following ratios:
– Current Ratio
– Return on Investment (using operating income and total assets)
– ROI broken down by Margin and Turnover
d) Prepare a vertical analysis of the most recent Balance Sheet and Income Statement.  For the Balance Sheet, show components as a percent of Total Assets and Total Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity (so those totals are each 100%).  For the Income Statement, show components as a percent of Total Sales or Revenue (which will be 100%).
e) List a summary of five of the firm’s accounting policies.
f) Does the firm identify any Subsequent Events?