Community Health pt 4

Part 4: Assessment and analysis of the health of your community. Analysis of the data which you have collected through assessment should lead to an identification of the strengths as well as the problems/needs of your community Using the information gathered for parts I, II and III of this paper, identify the major strengths, problems and needs of your community. • Identify which of the problems identified above is of highest priority. o Is there a solution? o Develop a problem statement or an anticipated outcome statement. o Discuss possible interventions and include timelines o Be realistic and utilize Healthy People 2020 as your guide. • Students working in pairs must submit 2 problem statements or anticipated outcome statements and discuss possible interventions and timelines for both. • Remember that your interventions must be based on the data you collected, be specific to the community of interest and based on theory. The community is Bayonne, NJ 07002 I posted some resources