Community Counseling in Denver, Colorado

The goal of this assignment is to familiarize you with the overall community needs in regards to mental health. If needed, you may meet with counselors and social workers in your community for personal interviews to answer your many questions about the services that are provided. This is not required, but may offer more insights into the provided services.

The following are the paper’s requirements:

1. The paper must be 10–15 pages, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font.
2. APA guidelines must be followed, which includes: providing a title and reference page, writing the paper in third-person, and not including a personal reflection in Part 1 of the assignment.
3. A minimum of 10 current resources must be used and cited.
4. The major points are to be supported by 1 or more of the following:
a. Scholarly sources.
b. Professional data (the following are examples):
i. Current census material.
ii. Center for Disease Control.
iii. Hospital research.
iv. Course textbooks.
c. Sources cited must be specific to your immediate locality rather than state data alone.

This assignment is divided into 2 parts. Use the bolded print below as your headings.

Part I: This section reveals your investigative work.
a. Introduction to Community: Write 1–2 paragraphs on your community regarding location, climate, population, demographic, etc.
b. Introduction to State: Write 1–2 paragraphs on the location and uniqueness of your state. For example, states such as Florida would present unique populations that shape many counseling or human service needs, such as the elderly population.
c. Local and State Needs Assessment: This must include various sources. You are to articulate the overall picture of your community’s mental health needs. Include population data as well as cultural demographics and identified at-risk populations.
d. Summation: Based on your research, summarize the perceived mental health needs of your community. Do not compare and evaluate particular programs for effectiveness at this time.

Part II: This section must answer the question of how the needs you identified in Part I are being met. What resources are there that provide the needed services? In this section, you must detail at least 10 resources. Use the bolded headings below for Part II of your paper.
a. Research of State and Local Government Organizations: This section must give attention to each program’s foci, design, and fit into the bigger community context.
b. Private Agencies or Church Ministries: Some approaches may be grouped together rather than reporting on each individual site. For example, church counseling and recovery organizations in the area and their general approaches to treating specific populations could be listed together. How are these organizations meeting the needs of the community?
c. Interaction and Collaboration: Assess how these organizations interact as a whole and address community needs. Summarize and identify the potential gaps for the community.
d. Author reflection: In ½ pages or less, reflect on how this project and this course have aided you in meeting your professional and personal objectives. You may use first person in this section.

Submit the Community Needs Analysis Paper via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.