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I need to write an essay about my communities activities which I did in a Assisting living facility . The requirements for the essay are :The journal grade is determined by a combination of the following: a student’s writing skills (20%); insights and observations (40%); and thoughtfulness and personal reflection (40%). The personal reflection is about how these activities will reflect in my dental career. I enclosed some info about the activities that I did that need to be include in the essay. 1 page, single spaced, 1 inch margin and typed 12 font I believe in working towards achieving a goal in life and my main objective will be serving the community through the use of my career to improve the quality of live. I have been actively involved in providing counseling to patients and their families through the provision of home-based care. I did community hours at Improving Life Home health care and Best solution home health care where I had the opportunity to assist providing counseling to patients and their families. It was very rewarding experience because I had the opportunity to manage the hygiene and elimination of the patient through adequate health care assistance, assist with nutrition and hydration, and assist with mobility to promote circulation. During my communities hours I had the opportunity to assist the elderly with their daily self care activities in ALF and in outdoor environments. I helped them with normal daily tasks like dressing, personal hygiene and grooming, feeding, dietary planning, functional transfers, eg. getting out of bed, ambulation ( walking or using a wheelchair), meal preparation, taking medications. Assisting with motion exercises and other rehabilitative measures, taking and recording blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, and body weight. Providing emotional support services to patients, their families and other caregivers Also I had the opportunity to share my acknowledge about dentistry with the elderly. I reinforced the care of the mouth explaining to them the importance of brush their teeth twice a day, emphasizing the use of mouthwash and possibly even flossing. Most of these patients have oral hygiene/care problems which could be attributed to not being able to clean their mouth correctly due to decreased manual dexterity. Many of these problems could have a deleterious effect on their overall health including pain, infections, difficulty chewing/swallowing, and weight loss/malnutrition.
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