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Subject:Gender, Sexuality and Digital Culture
Question:Topic: How video and computer games’ character design reflects the public’s attitude of homosexuality.
5000 words

Your term paper should demonstrate originality. You should not review the literature in the field but try and add to that literature.

At the same time, you must show an awareness and understanding of relevant academic literature that relates to your topic. You should use theory and critical material to help shape your argument and analysis.

All term papers should identify their research question(s) clearly in their introduction. Your title can be (ideally should be) different from your research question.

While it is not mandatory, the overwhelming majority of term papers contain a case study. This is your opportunity to demonstrate originality in research. Try and do something different.

You should pay attention to the methodology you are going to use in your term paper. This does not mean interviewing people or running a survey. Both of these are time-consuming and are not advisable for a first-term assessment. A methodology might, for instance, include collecting a sample of tweets in a specific time period and then organising them using a particular taxonomy (set of rules) before then analysing them to find general trends, modes of discourse, common representations etc. A methodology explains how and why you went about collecting your data and justifies your decisions for doing so.

It sounds obvious but every term paper should have an introduction, an argument and a conclusion. Paragraphs on relevant literature, critical framework, methodology and analysis are also important. It is advisable to include these headings in your term paper outline but do not include these as sub-headings in your term paper.

You may include images in your term paper – but they are not mandatory. Please ensure you include a suitable caption and details of the source. You should also ensure that images are relevant and that you write about them in your term paper. They should earn their place in your work.

Please use a recognised referencing style and use it consistently. Harvard is the preferred method in the School of Media, Film & Music.

All direct quotations, paraphrasing and use of other peoples’ ideas must be properly referenced. Please read the information available on plagiarism and referencing (see the ‘key documents’ section of the Study Direct site).

A bibliography, organised alphabetically (using last name) and containing accurate information should appear at the end of your term paper, beginning on separate page. Only include items on your list that appear in your term paper and make sure that every item used, appears in your bibliography.

Be sure to check on how to reference digital objects correctly. Information is freely available online regarding this.

Two copies of your term paper need to be submitted. Your candidate number (not registration number) should appear on every page submitted. Your name should not appear on any documentation submitted. Coversheets will be made available at the point of submission.

A great term paper demonstrates an understanding of theory and relevant literature and uses it to form an original analysis of a particular object or practice. It has a robust methodology that is appropriate to the research question set, and manageable given time constraints and word count. It will be well prepared, show a depth of understanding and further reading, beyond the reading set on the module. It will be meticulously prepared with attention paid to spelling and grammar. It will have been drafted at least twice and it will be ambitious.

Remember, your seminar tutor is available twice a week for one-to-one advice. Use this time for your own benefit.