Communications and Media

Order Instructions/Description

Topic: Writer’s choice (preferably a topic in Communications since that is my major)

This is a liberal arts Capstone research paper. Topic is open but my major is

Communications, so would prefer something in that field. It needs to be a minimum of 25

pages, excluding cover and references (must be in APA format). I am thinking 35 pages

should be good.

The course requires 5 chapters/modules and each to be submitted seperately. The first

deadline is 12/20, and it is for the topic proposal.
I would like this one done first in the next few days and once I feel comfortable with

the work and adherence to the provided instructions, I will place the orders for each

subsequent chapters. The 6th and final submission will be for the complete paper due in

2 months. So I will be returning to the same writer to complete the full paper.

Here is the main overview from the syllabus. I will upload the full syllabus once I

submit my order.

Course Structure:

Liberal Arts Capstone consists of six (6) modules. Modules include the study

assignments and written assignments. Study assignments consist primarily of readings in

the course textbook(s) and in the Articles folder on the course Web site. Module titles

are listed below.
• Module 1: Capstone Topic Selection and Draft of Chapter 1 (Introductory Chapter)
• Module 2: Draft of Chapter 2 (Literature Review and Annotated References)
• Module 3: Research Design and Draft of Chapter 3 (Methodology)
• Module 4: Results of the Study
• Module 5: Summary and Discussion
• Module 6: Putting it All Together: Finalizing and Submitting Your Capstone Project

The first assignment is:
Written Assignment 1: Draft of Chapter 1

Fromm the syllabus you can find:
• Overview of course and capstone project: pages 3 – 9

Firstly, I would like 3 topics sent to me.
I will be able to respond right away.
Once I select the topic from the list, the writer can proceed with Module 1.
I am looking for all this to happen in 3 days from order placement.