Communication Methods Paper Presentation: Addressing the Panel

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As the administrator of a local nursing home, you have just received notification that the organization is being purchased by a national group. Because of new policies to be implemented, many of the residents will be displaced. To make the situation more challenging, some of these residents have difficulty communicating, have no local family, and have not indicated that they approve the release of their medical information. Arrangements must be made for these individuals to the panel.

My introduction to the panel
As the Administrator of “Phoenix Nursing Home”, I received notification that our facility was bought out by “Methodist Health System” a national company out of Dallas Texas. The change in ownership, requires new policies to be implemented, therefore, many of our residents will be displaced. The purpose of this memorandum is to notify the staff and residents of the pending changes. However, prior to notifying the residents, I would like to organize a planning team to facilitate communication processes necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Because numerous entities are involved, this process will involve different communication methods, face-to-face, internal and external. Remember, for external entities business contracts are required prior to releasing health information under HIPAA. Finally, there will be advantages and disadvantages when using traditional, electronic and social media for health care communications, this paper will address those issues as well as the effects of HIPAA and other regulations, regarding the usage of those media in health care communications.

Guidelines for writing
Please write a paper on the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic, and social media.
Please use my introduction.
Please write paper in the context of notifying the staff and residents of the pending new policies and changes.

Very briefly include
Explore communication methods for different kinds of health care.
Examine the effects of HIPAA and other regulations on health care communication.

Cite 1 of the ebooks or articles as a reference to support your position.