Combivir And Maraviroc In Antiretroviral Naive Subjects In Russia

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We are doing a research paper on a research paper. The topic Combivir And Maraviroc In Antiretroviral Naive Subjects In Russia is an actual research paper on
The paper should include the clinical trial from the original research paper just in our own words.


Molecular Support of Thesis, Clinical Trial, Conclusion, Citations & References, Focus and Sequencing, Grammar & Mechanics,APA Style & Communication, Strong peer-reviewed research based support for molecular thesis. Critically evaluates molecular research and explains molecular physiology/pathophysiology as it relates to the clinical trial. Uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to illustrate mastery of the research articles. Sentences are clear, effective, and coherent; vocabulary used is broad. Tone, word choice, and syntax are appropriate for the author of the paper and the audience. 15 points Provides title, NCT number, study status, and date first received. Correctly identifies clinical trial purpose and integrates this information with research topic. Describes the type and design of the study. Identifies phase of trial and discusses the significance of the phase (if applicable). Explains the outcome measures (primary/secondary if applicable) and the relative importance of outcomes. Identifies the eligibility and the impact of inclusion and reasons for exclusions of specific populations. Identfies the location of the research and any sponsors of the clinical trial. Has sucessfully explained results of completed trial (if applicable). 5 points Strong review of key conclusions in a clear and concise manner. Provides an evaluation of the relevance or uniqueness of the accomplishments in the immediate context of the clinical trials purpose. Describes how the investigation, whether completed or not, fits within a larger field or continuing investigation in a clear and concise manner. Strong integration of clinical trial with research topic. Insightful discussion of impact of the researched material on topic. 10 points
All references and citations are correctly written and present. 5 points
All material clearly related to main research topic. Strong organization and integration of material within subtopics. Strong transitions linking subtopics to main topic and clinical trial. 4 points
The paper is free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. 3 points
No errors in APA style. Scholarly style. Writing is flowing and easy to follow. 2 points

Also the research paper should investigate the molecular and cellular aspects of how HIV works, how the drugs work, how the drugs work compared to current HIV drugs.
Please make sure the cited references on from scholarly journals or peer reviewed journals.