Cold War

Order Instructions/Description

This assignment asks you to analyze a significant foreign policy, security, and/or military challenge faced by the United States during the Cold War. You should thus pick a specific issue, crisis, conflict, or challenge that confronted the United States during this period. Then, write a paper outlining this problem, how the US addressed it, and how it reflects or illustrates the dynamics of the Cold War.

Specifically, you should do the following in your paper:

  1. Identify a particular issue, crisis or challenge to American military, foreign and/or security policy at some point during the Cold War

  2. Describe the main features of this problem, showing its origins and how it emerged as a Cold War challenge.

  3. Describe the US handling of this problem from its emergence to its conclusion, providing as much detail as possible about how the US formulated its policy toward this issue. Include a discussion of other countries and their reactions, particularly that of the Soviet Union.

  4. Discuss in detail how this problem and its handling by the US illustrates the main issues, dilemmas, and dynamics of the Cold War, particularly the US- Soviet superpower rivalry.

Papers should be approximately eight typed, double-spaced pages, with reasonable fonts and margins. They should utilize an appropriate number of academic sources (4-6) with proper citations.