Clinical case conference report

Assignment Requirements

Mrs Green (pseudo name) is a 27 year old female with known Crohn’s disease was admitted to Hospital on August 2015 post laparoscopic ileocolic resection for bowel perforation secondary to duodenal perforation consistent with Crohn’s disease. The estimated length of stay was six to seven days.

Mrs Green’s diagnosis of Crohn’s disease had been established by his local gastroenterologist 14 years before this episode and she was taking immunosuppressive medications, including azathioprine. On February 2015, she complained of recurrent episodes of mild abdominal pain, constipation, and no bowel action for the past week but denied, evidence of rectal bleeding, or febrile episodes. Computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen/pelvis revealed contained bowel perforation secondary to duodenal perforation consistent with Crohn’s disease. During the multidisplinary team (MDT) assessment, a pattern of medication nonadherence was noted. A detailed discussion of the reasons for poor adherence revealed significant anxiety which was directly affecting her clinical care. The MDT suggested a change to infliximab for six months prior operation. She was adherent with infliximab therapy as had been recommended, resulting in sustained clinical remission of her disease.


Mrs Green is widow who lives with her family, including parents, sister and son. Her parents are very supportive. Previously she was independent with activities of daily living (ADL’s). She works as a bank teller. Mrs Green has an allergy to Mushroom. She is an ex-smoker (stopped 10 yrs. ago) and occasionally drinks alcohol. Mrs Green has a past medical history of Crohn’s disease, and asthma. Her regular medications (prior admission) include Ventolin inhaler used for treatment of symptoms of asthma.

Q1/ Nursing management Included –

clinical assessment using (IS)BAR,

or a systems – based approach,

explanation of how nursing

management relates to medical management with clear clinical rationales provided, role of

interdisciplinary team

involvement explained and

primary health care strategies


Q2/ Psychosocial / Environmental /

Economic aspects discussed

  • Ethical and legal aspects included

Q3/ Article Discussion:

  • Description of how your

nursing research article

findings/recent evidence is

related to the patient /


  • Comparison and critique of

the management / nursing

care of the case against

best practice literature

included.PLEASE find an article (recent article 5 years old reference).related to nursing management for patient day one post operation ad why ?


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