Classical Tradition

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Compose an essay of 6pp. or so on a significant aspect of the classical tradition, with specific recourse to at least TWO texts covered this term.
Texts covered:
Pindar, The Odes
Xenophon, The Expedition of Cyrus, Horace Odes
Here are a few topics that were recommended in the prompt
– gods and men: from Pindar through to Horace and other poets of the late Roman Republic and early Empire what changes and continuities can be observed? What view of the sacred emerges? ( Consider what can be savored besides divinities: the land, personifications of abstract virtues and qualities, etc.); the role of fate, the nature of life: accepting what the gods set for us to endure vs attempts as achieving great deeds (or risking over-reaching); Ovid recreates in exile the Roman calendars of feasts and holy days, and celebrates both its antiquity and endurance in the face of a changing and fickle world ( a perennial theme is of Rome’s development over eight centuries from modest origins to a major empire and world power):at every turn of each day he celebrates in his poetic calendar are the gods, their role in their lives, the relationship between gods and men, as expressed by memory, devotion, ritual.
-Greek & Roman values: classical literature of course sought to instruct and please: to inculcate their values and entertain; what values do the classical texts read this semester espouse?
– So much has been transmitted from the classical past to the present that there is risk of finding it overly familiar: much, nonetheless, is different, strange, threatening even: consider also what does not seem familiar, what of the classical heritage we might not accept, or not understand fully.