Classic English Literature

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You need to analyze three chapters from the Canterbury tales, and find the common topic and make a strong thesis which is illustrated in all three chapter I chose. Three chapters are friar and summoner’ tale, the wife of bath’s prologue and tale, and the nun’s priest tale. Please write your paper based on those three tales. I need a good introduction with a strong thesis. And since this paper is about the literary analyze, please use four out five literary devices I provide below: use of Irony, Christianity;s influence, Archetypes, connections to Modern day, social commentary. please do not write any plot summary, please no plot summary. For the analysis for each literary devices, I need three quotes from each three chapters, and also do not forget the citation page. For the book I want you to use is the Penguins classic version of Canterbury tales, here is the links for the ebook, but cite it as a actual ( book.
Once again, each body paragraph with one literary device analysis, no plot summary, most importantly, i need a strong thesis. I will also provide the additional instruction for you to follow. Please finish it on time, than you for your understanding.