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Niall Ferguson, Civilization, the West and the Rest (Allen Lane, 2011).

  1. Must be: 6 pages typewritten, double-spaced. Title page, if used, does NOT count. Observe the normal rules of writing such as standard margins, page numbering, etc.

  2. Full bibliographic citation on the title page or at the top of the first page. (Consult an MLA or Chicago style guide if you’ve forgotten how to do this. Do NOT make up your own form.) Citation on the title page/top of the first page MUST ONLY be that of the book which you are reviewing.

  3. Provided a brief introduction to the topic or subject of the book. Why is this topic or subject important within Intellectual History (Intellectual history meaning how ideas, intellectuals, the establishment of religion have all impacted historical events of the world)? Needs to be around 1-1.5 pages

  4. Summarize the author’s thesis and main points concisely but fully. (What do you think the author is trying to accomplish by writing this book?) Needs to be around 1-1.5 pages

  5. React to the book. This is you basically critiquing whether or not you believe the author accomplished his purpose (as stated in point #4). Be sure to explain and support your evaluation carefully and coherently. (Use examples.) Do NOT walk fences or resort to elementary tactics such as pleading ignorance, do NOT use personal pronouns. At this point in your academic career, you ought to have an informed opinion. (This should be about one-half of your paper (3 pages). Keep in mind that whether or not you personally liked the topic, argument or findings, you are reviewing the book; not your own reading preferences, opinions or inclinations.)

  6. This is NOT a research paper, this is a BOOK REVIEW. If you do quote or draw on information that is not your own, use MLA style. However, try to NOT use any outside information other than the source (Niall Ferguson) which has been provided for you.

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When identifying and analyzing the 3 different arguments you MUST ONLY use the ONE source which has been provided. When answering the question in regards to the origin of the world, according to Jainism, you may use outside academic sources (peer reviewed journals, etc.). If outside sources are used you MUST provide a bibliography along with proper MLA citations within the paper.