Child abuse and neglect

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Child abuse and neglect
The final project for this course is the development of a basic research study proposal. We have built towards this proposal throughout the course using the exercise outline provided in Chapter 18 of our text. The final project should be a unified, well-developed proposal reflecting the progression of feedback and revision you have experienced throughout our course.
Structure your proposal following this standard outline:
Cover Letter
Description of Setting
Statement of Research Objectives
Behavior and Intervention
Analysis of Target Behavior
Analysis of Intervention
Population & Sampling
Research Design
As you develop your proposal, keep in mind the excellent examples and exercises provided in our text – in particular, the templates illustrated in Chapter 18. When complete, the proposal should be approximately 10 – 12 pages, include 5-8 external sources, and be formatted in APA style (including both in-text citations and a concluding reference list).

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