Child Abuse Across Culture

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Child Abuse Across Culture
Child abuse has become a public health issues, this has been proved by the UN Secretary General’s Report on Violence against Children. As a response, the world health organization has ended up launching an unprecedented effort in the prevention of child maltreatment in all countries around the world. In conjunction with this, Sigmund (1986) and May (2001), have both referenced child sexual abuse as one type of child abuse being experienced across all cultures in the world. As an effect, this easy tries to discuss the role of health educators in the prevention of sexual child abuse. In addition, it discusses whether the different views concerning spanking and corporal punishment burn is attributed to cultural difference. Child Sexual abuse is just a form of child abuse under which adults or older adolescent ends up using a child for sexual stimulation. This form of abuse involves “asking or even pursuing children to engage in sexual practices, no matter the results, indecent exposure of children’s genital parts…..ORDER NOW….
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