Child abuse

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Child abuse is what the proposal needs to about

  1. Title of the research.
  2. Introduction (100 words):

What is the problem?

What is the research question?

  1. A brief literature review (1500 words):

Overview of existing research findings – themes, issues including your argument.

Discussion of the proposed study in relation to the existing literature

  1. Precise focus (100 words)

Aims and objectives of the research

Precise research question/hypotheses

Expected outcomes

  1. Research design (1500 words):

Overall research approach including epistemology, methodology and methods

-Data collection methods/instruments

-Population and sampling method(s)

-Data analysis method(s)

  1. Ethics (200 words)

Key ethical considerations and how these will be addressed

Participant information sheet

Informed consent form

7 Project plan (100 words):






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