Charter School Research Paper

Read the blog, The Great Charter School Debate and view the CBS News video Obama’s Education Policy and the BBC World News video New Orleans Schools Set Example. Then, research the history of charter schools in the United States to present. You must locate a minimum of 3 resources. In a 3-5 page paper, apply your research by critically examining the effectiveness of charter schools nationally and locally (or from a nearby state if your state does not currently have charter schools). Take a stand on whether increasing the number of charter schools around the nation will improve student achievement. Be sure to address the alternate point of view as you make your argument. Support your claims with your research. Following are a few questions to consider: Are charter schools better able to provide a quality learning experience for students? Do they enhance or dilute the quality of public education in America? Your paper should be three- to five- pages, excluding title and reference page, and formatted to APA requirements.