Change in practice:deep venous thrombosis profilactice.

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I would like to use the same writer for this assignment as for the assignment /order 112606. I also need that it would be the same writer as for my previous ordewrs: 111654, 11652, 111860, 112104… Change in Practice Assignment Each week, you will be presented with additional information that will assist you in completing this assignment. The following is a description of the assignment; however, the rubric for the assignment must be used to complete the assignment. The rubric is found in the CourseInfo area of the course. Select a problem in nursing practice that you believe needs to be addressed and write a 6-7 page paper. Gather evidence on practices that will address the problem. Use the following outline to prepare for submission of the project in Week 5: • Identification of the problem. Why is it important? Why should there be a change? • Changes in practice that you are suggesting. • What is the evidence (research) that supports your proposed changes? (Note: use research articles for this section) • How do “individual patient or family needs and preferences” impact the implementation of the change? • How would you evaluate the change?