Change and continuity in china using 3 lives

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Discuss change and continuity in three Chinese lives within the context of Chinese history (try to have some brief reference to traditional China, most context will be comparing the Maoist period with the reform era). In what ways are these reform era people? For your analysis choose (1)one man and (2)one woman from the documentary Young and Restless in China, and (3)Ai Weiwei from the documentary we will view after Thanksgiving AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY.

Please do not use any other sources.
For young and restless stories talk about the economic change
For ai wei wei talk about the freedom of speech, how it is still censured but better than the maoist era. USE Ben Wu and Miranda Hong.
Do not forget to talk briefly about traditional china (maybe about filial piety, how they are close to their parents)