Chances of Survival with Breast Cancer!

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Review the APA sample paper for formatting style.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay (not counting title or reference page material) about the topic you have been working with over the last several weeks.

Incorporate at least two research (University of Phoenix library) sources.

Use the APA Sample Paper Template to help format your final paper in APA format. You will combine your body paragraphs, introduction, conclusion, and references into the provided template.

The final essay must contain the following:

APA title page

An introductory paragraph

Three to four main body paragraphs that include topic sentences and transitional sentences

A conclusion paragraph

At least one direct quote of fewer than 30 words

At least one paraphrased source

In text citations

APA reference page at the end of the paper including at least two sources

Paper must be written in third person academic voice.


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