Challenges in Ageing

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please use 3-5 references for each topic, you will find all references in attached files.

Assignment 3, Reflective Journal Exercise Instructions


On-going participation and reflection is important to your learning in this course. The aim of this assessment item is to give you the opportunity to formalise your reflections on the learning material and also to give the lecturers a means of evaluating your involvement with the material/ modules. Self-directed reflection time has been integrated into your study plan in weeks 6 and 10, with an overall review of modules 1-5 in week 13.  This work will be assessed through assignment 3. The weighting for this assignment is 30%.


When you get to the end of each of the 5 topics/ online modules, reflect on your learning. You are asked to reflect upon your learning using the following questions as a guide.

Ask yourself:


  1. What have I learnt in studying this topic?
  2. What professional and personal challenges have I experienced as a result of engaging in this learning?
  3. How will this newfound knowledge and understanding inform my future practice?


You can present your reflection in any form that you wish. For example, you may write a short story or poem or an outline. You may draw, paint, create a graphic collage or find a picture and comment on how this represents your thinking. Whatever the format, each topic reflection (5) should be no more than two A4 pages in length. Therefore to complete this assignment you will submit twelve A4 pages, two A4 pages for each topic (modules 1-5 and Future Predictions). Suitable references must be integrated into your reflections and a reference list provided (APA 6thed.).


A useful guide in how to take notes related to the course topics is provided. This may help you to incrementally work through this assignment and reflect on your learning as we complete each topic/module.

Please note that when you have completed your reflections and finished preparing all twelve pages they should be collated into one document and uploaded to the turnitin portal