Challenges and Difficulties Faced by Treatment Team in dealing with Patients that are drug Addicts: A qualitative study of professionals and volunteer counselors.

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1) I have attached a dissertation from last year to give you an example of how to write up your research. There is guidance on what is required in terms of content in the module handbook, which I have also attached. Essentially, the dissertation has an Introduction in which you review the relevant literature and state your research question, a Methods chapter in which you describe how you carried out the study (recruitment of participants, data collection and data analysis), a Results section in which you report your findings and a Discussion in which you relate your findings to the literature and consider the implications for research and practice and the limitations of the study. There should also be an Abstract, a list of references and appendices containing among other things copies of the ethics application and approval, copies of participant information sheets and consent forms and copies of the interview schedules and/or questionnaires employed in the stud.
2) Please that the writer must be specialist in clinical psychology and not a psychiatrist.
3) Dissertation should be at the level of Master’s student.
4) Please refer to the feedback of the university, a proposal which was written from your site.The one who I hope determine which approach will be based on this study.
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