Case study questions and instructions

Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. Case study questions and instructions.

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Harrah’s Entertainment (15 points)

  1. What are the objectives of the various Data Base marketing programs and are they working? (i.e., New Business Program, Loyalty Program Frequency Upside, Loyalty Program Budget Upside, Retention Program, Total Rewards Program
  2. Why is it important to use the “customer worth” in the Database Marketing efforts rather than the observed level of play?
  3. How does Harrah’s integrate the various elements of its marketing strategy to deliver more than the results of Data Base marketing? (Hint: start with looking at their organizational structure.)
  4. Can Harrah’s strategy be replicated?

Questions are specific so a complete Case Analysis approach is not necessary. Keep answers short and direct. Refrain from long editorials with one point. Rather provide 10 bullets representing 10 key points. However, not all answers can be provided in Bullet format so this is only a suggestion to apply when applicable. There is no limit to length however I would expect an average of two – three pages per case.