Case Study: Michael Patterson’s Confederation Kitchen

Initial Situation: Michael Patterson is an engineering technician at Confederation Kitchen. The business has experienced declining sales and profitability and, as a result, is downsizing its staff. In the case, Patterson has heard a rumor he will now report to someone he has had trouble with in the past and for whom he has little respect. The new engineering and manufacturing manager, William Peake, has called a meeting to discuss Paterson’s new role, and Patterson must decide how candid he should be about the situation at the meeting.

Questions to be answered:

1.What events at Confederation Kitchen have led to Michael Patterson’s current situation?

2.Evaluate the culture of the company. How has it changed over time? How has that change influenced the current situation?

3.Examine the roles of leadership, power and influence and how they relate to Patterson’s current situation.

4.Examine Michael Patterson’s behavior and communication skills. How have the contributed to the current situation?

5. As Michael Patterson, what would say to William Peake if the rumor regarding McAteer were true?