Case Study for Young Patient With Asthma

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Case Study 1 – Jessica White 
One of Jessica’s cousins is a second year student nurse. He tells you he doesn’t understand the pathophysiology of asthma and how it affects the respiratory system. Jessica’s mother asks you to explain to him the pathophysiology of asthma and how it affects the respiratory system using the correct medical and nursing terminology.

Detailed explanation of the pathophysiology /pathogenesis of the illness/disease of the patient in the scenario (40%-600)
Outstanding understanding of the A&P and pathophysiology presented in the case demonstrated by accurate, highly relevant information provided with clear, succinct explanation of illness/disease pathogenesis.

The explanation of two (2) signs and symptoms that the patient has presented with and why they manifested as part of the illness/disease (30%-450)
Accurate, highly relevant explanation of signs/ symptoms with a very clear, succinct understanding of signs/symptoms demonstrated by the case study patient.

Critical thinking and rationale (20%-300)
Clarity of thought and linking of ideas clearly demonstrated. Detailed, concise description of the pathophysiology and the signs and symptoms therefore seen in the case world patient. Links A&P, pathophysiology, context, and theory together

Writing style (10%-150)
The essay flows well, it is easy to read and follow the sequence of ideas. Introduction, body of essay, conclusion, and referencing is all correctly formatted.
No spelling or grammatical errors throughout essay