Case study essay on Planned Parenthood Organization

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This is a final project that is due tomorrow at 3pm. PLEASE, do not be late like last time. It is for an Interest Groups Class in the field of Political Science. Please avoid repetitive phrases in consecutive sentences and avoid paragraphs please! The points can be bolded but shouldn’t start from a new paragraph.
An essay should be written on the following points on Planned Parenthood Organization ( External links regarding this organization must be used as well).
Planned Parenthood Organization’s
1. Marketing Tactics (issue campaigns)
2. Policy Proposals (emphasis on framing)
3. Role in Campaigns (both in terms of candidates and political parties)
(2 pages on above 3 points.)
Then, you need to critically analyze how they could improve their efforts (i.e. strengths and weaknesses).
Is what they are doing working? Why or why not? What is the role of the status quo in their efforts? What do you suggest as a
1) potential new way to frame the issue
2) a new course of generating grassroots support
3) a new way to be more successful in Washington?
(2 pages on above issues.)
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