Case study Ebola Vaccine

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This is a case study about Msc Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics. I have to answer some specific questions regarding to some specific links that you should read. I will provide you with these questions and links below. here are the links you should read and listen:
those are the texts and audio you should read and listen and now i will send you the questions you should answer regarding to these links are: (for each answer i want one page)
1) What is ring vaccination and why was it used in this case?
2)Describe the test and control “experiments” and comment on the design of the study.
3)Why was randomisation stopped?
4)What are the arguments for and against the use of this type of ring vaccination during an epidemic and/or the development of a vaccine that gives 4 years protection?
5)Given the nature of the disease what do you think the best approach would be?

Also i will provide you the guidelines i want you to follow about the way of writing – i need the distinction.
about the references i prefer websites