Case Study

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Case #1: Entertainment is big among your readers. Several staff members want to review movies, and all of them want to review R-rated movies. How would you handle this situation?
Case #2: Mrs. Hayes is a dynamic, well-liked math teacher. She teaches mostly courses for advanced placement students. Over the summer she commits suicide. The newspaper staff have heard rumors that Mrs. Hayes was fired before her death. Several reporters want to write a story. How would you handle this decision?
Case #3: Yesterday the police arrested five students in a drug raid. The students were all smoking marijuana in a nearby drug house. Some staff members comments were that there are several such houses nearby and that marijuana is available every day in school. They want to do a big story on the school’s drug scene. How would you handle their request?
Case #4: Teen pregnancy has never been too prevalent in your school until recently. Now several reporters know of a handful of girls in your school that are pregnant. One girl is showing, and she’s willing to talk about her situation. The others, however, seem to want their situation to stay under wraps. These reporters want to do a story on the recent wave of teen pregnancies in your school. How would you handle their request?