Case Studies

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Case Study Assignment:
1.Pick three case study dilemmas from the packet of information titled, Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy? attached below
2.For each case study, write a substantive paragraph to clarify the problem. This does NOT need to be in Q&A format like the book (I can read the book) but simply your summary of key points regarding the questions that are addressed to clarify the problem. In other words, simply summarize the important information, which clarifies the problem.
3.Have what will likely be a longer paragraph, which summarizes the solution to the problem. This would be a summary of the model presented in the box or matrix for each problem
4.Each case study response should be a total of 650 words. Therefore, the entire document should be equal approximately 2,000.
5.There is no need for an introduction or conclusion. The document should just be a compilation of the case study responses. APA formatcover page and reference sheet.
6.This is the most intensive writing of the semester and I expect it to be of quality level with NO grammar mistakes.