Case analysis about new organisational strategy (outsourcing a function within the organisation) within Flight Centre Company

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You are the most senior HR person in your organisation (the same organisation you used for Assessment Item 1) and a part of the senior management team. You have been involved in initial discussions about a new organisational strategy (Outsourcing a function (identify which function eg; payroll, IT support) within your organisation>> Flight Centre). You have been asked to do some research and to report back to the senior management team outlining the key implications for management of human resources if this strategy were to be implemented. Your report needs to show that you understand the organisational goals and strategies (building on Assessment Item 1), have researched and understood the particular strategy being proposed, have identified the critical considerations if the strategy is implemented, and made realistic recommendations on how to manage the strategy in the case organisation. In addition, you are asked to identify the role you believe the HRM function should play in the implementation of the strategy – in particular focussing on the HR Competency Domains


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