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Individual Assignment 2 [70%]

In this assignment, you are required to choose a multinational company with which you are familiar [group assignment 1] and carry out the following tasks.

The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of how a global corporation strategically manages its marketing operations across global markets and cultures. You are advised to use your groups previous research into your chosen company.

Your Report should identify as a minimum the following:

For your chosen company and product or service select one new market (country) , detail and justify an outline marketing plan for the launch of this product/service into this, hither too, new country. Ensure your country/segment is different from the other members of your group no collusion or plagiarism.

Further information and guidance on content

Identify the companys market position and its strategy in this new global market.
Identify the cultural implication of any of the marketing mix elements or management issues. Identify other environmental issues [SLEPT] which will impact upon any of the marketing mix elements or management issues.

Report structure

Cover sheet to include:
Module title; Code; Report Title; No Name as it must be submitted anonymously, your SRN [student member Number], Word Count.
Please use a font size 11 throughout the work.
Word count [max 2,000 words].
You should also include The business Schools Assignment Assessment Form, The Assessment Criteria Grid , a cover sheet ,as above, and a contents page.
You should follow a report structure using headings and sub-headings. Include an appendix if necessary, but these MUST be referred to in the report, and a bibliography; these will not be included in the word count. You must reference any sources of information used. All references stated at the end MUST be used in the report.

Make sure that the marketing theory learnt during the course is used to justify the marketing strategies and tactics proposed. Please make sure that you read the assessment criteria on the feedback sheet below.