Can Character and Community Survive In an Age of Globalization?

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In 4-6 paper please discuss and analyze this statement; “Can character and communities survive in the age of globalization?”
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Can Character and Community Survive In an Age of Globalization?
Globalization is not a new term since almost every individual is aware of what it means as they have witnessed its effects. The effects of globalization has can be experienced as positive and negative but the negative effects out way the positive hence it become a threat to human life. This paper seeks to look at what is meant by globalization and whether character and community will survive in the age of globalization. If we can define character according to Merriam Webster, it refers to morals, excellence and firmness. On the other hand, community refers to persons living in a particular region but having a common interest (Stewart, 2006). With the booming process of globalization, communities are coming to be redefined ahead of their geographical relevancies hence providing us with the questions not only of their survival but also of their type. When one defines globalization according…ORDER NOW…
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