Cambodian Freedom FIghters- Insurgency in Cambodia by Cambodian-American Leader

Order Instructions/Description

Instruction: Conduct an analysis of the “Cambodian Freedom Fighter (CFF)”, structure and present your essay according to the format below. THIS IS ANALYTICAL ESSAY.

PROBLEM (2 pages):
Discuss the Political Opportunity Structure issue within Cambodia and discuss WHY the Cambodian Freedom Fighter (CFF) has emerged, what form of movement it has emerged. Answer briefly, who they are, what they are, when they emerge, why and how.
Why did they want to seek change to the existing government in Cambodia?

ROOTS (6-8 pages):
Provide analysis of how the history, economics, social and political makeup of Cambodia created the Cambodian Freedom Fighter (CFF).
What issues is going on to make the leader of the group want to create the Cambodian Freedom Fighter?
What are the issues that make some people want to join and fight for them (is it for money, feeling of nationalism, hatred for the government? What is it?)
How do the actions of the government (state, leader, police, corruption, oppression etc.) lead to the creation of this problem that is the Cambodian Freedom Fighter?

How do the Cambodian Freedom Fighters describe themselves? (As their name suggestion “CFF using terrorism as a method in order to…”)
How does the CFF themselves describe their frame and the reason why they are fighting?
What kind of solution are the Cambodian Freedom Fighters offering if they succeed in replacing the government of Cambodia?

THREAT STRATEGY (4-6 pages):
Briefly Discuss-What are the goals of the Cambodian Freedom Fighter? What kind of state do they see Cambodia becoming?  How do the goals relate to what they see as the political and social problem happening in Cambodia?  What is the group STRATEGIC APPROACH to getting what they want, which is an overthrow of Cambodia (overthrow the government by way of)?
How will the CFF implement this strategy?
-What is the group doing politically to mobilize manpower and resource
-DO they have allies?
-What kind of Violence are they using to try and achieve its aim? (What form, against who?  Against    Government buildings, etc?)
-How has the group internationalized the conflict? Where they get funding from?

Discuss what the group has (who are the leaders, where they get funding and money from, capability and capacity)
Does the group have any “schedule” with their plan? How does the CFF assess progress toward its goal?

How does the government and security forces of Cambodia describe the CFF? How are they responding to the threat (in what ways- shoot, kill, investigate, what?)  How has Cambodia been fighting the CFF?
Has Cambodia contacted outside help (USA, FBI, other international allies and agencies, INTERPOL?)
How has the state prosecuted and deal with the fighters and leaders they capture?
Is Cambodia making progress in defeating the CFF? What is the state of the CFF NOW?