c++ programming

Write a program to read a parts list from the attached parts.dat file.

  • Create a menu of options that will be used in a switch statement.  The options for this program will be L) Load and Print Inventory File and Q) Quit.  You will keep showing the menu and asking what option they want until they press Q to quit.  We will be adding abilities to this program over the next few assignments so for now these are the only two options we will have. (hummm…. do you have another program you did something similar too that you might be able to take that code and turn it into this request?)

  • If loading (L) – ask the user for the filename – when using a string in the open file command you will have to use the string method c_str() this returns a c-style string that the open command is expecting — for example if your string variable to hold the prompted filename is file_name and your ifstream variable is called infile the command would look like infile.open(file_name.c_str()); — also you probably will need to clear the buffer before you read in the file_name (#include <limits> and use code as shown in assignment #9 for reading in a string)

  • The file will have part number (int), price (double), and description (string) — use the file attached for this assignment.  The fields will be separated by a comma (partno,price,description) – when you read in the file you will need to read in the comma as a single char just to get that character out of the file so you can read the next value.

  • You will need to create a part structure that will hold the above members (partno, price, description). (you will not be directly using this, you will only be touching this through the pointer that you will define in the next step).

  • You will need to create a pointer to the previous part structure you just created.

  • Using the pointer and the arrow operator, you will read from the file into the pointer->members.  Also in your loop that you are reading the file,  you will print the part number, description and price (using pointer->members).  The description in the file is a string, so you will have to use the getline to read that in (it will be from your infile stream instead of the keyboard stream).