Business valuation Case 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please answer my questions from Woolworths Annual Report 2014. Also read my lecture before answer my questions:
I attached for you:
1) lecture
2) Questions
3) Woolworths Annual Report 2014 in this link

Written answer (maximum one page)


Using the FIVE YEAR SUMMARY (pages 89-95) form the 2014 Annual Report of Woolworths Ltd (see Blackboard for pdf) you are required to analyze, using appropriate ratios, and comment on Woolworths financial performance from 2010-2014.


Overall your answer can be 1 page maximum. Your analysis should be presented and as follows:


  1. Approximately half a page devoted to tables / calculations of key ratios you consider relevant to evaluating the performance.


  1. Approximately half a page of critical commentary and reflection the performance, including for instance commentary on: key strengths, key weaknesses, areas requiring further investigation.