BUSINESS STATISTICS-Individual coursework-Answer 3 questions-Use the SPSS program

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Please note that this a degree level coursework (second year of the university in the uk). Please use the program SPSS for the tables and graphs. Also see below because same of answers need to discuss them.

Individual coursework:
This is a technical piece of work. You are required to undertake specific analyses and demonstrate your understanding of them. You are not expected to produce a formal business report. There is no word limit but you should try to keep your answers concise.

The marking criteria focus on your technical ability and your ability to express the results clearly and concisely in technical and non-technical terms. You can demonstrate this by answering the questions that have been set.

You are required to answer the THREE questions below.
Relevant data are on a separate sheet.


1.A manufacturer of golf equipment is seeking to develop a new, cut-resistant, longer-lasting golf ball. The research group assigned to this task has developed a new coating designed to resist cuts and provide a more durable ball.

One area of concern is the effect of the new coating on the driving distance of the ball – in order for the ball to compete in the current market it is essential that it offers driving distances comparable to those of the manufacturers current top model. To compare the driving distances for the balls, 20 balls of each type were subjected to distance tests. The testing was performed using a mechanical hitting machine so that any differences observed could be attributed to design differences between the 2 balls. The test results, with distances measured to the nearest yard, are given on your data sheet.
(a)Provide descriptive statistical summaries of the data for each model.
(b)Use an appropriate test to compare the mean driving distances of the two models.
(c)Use a non parametric test to test whether there are differences between the two models.
(d)What are your recommendations?

2.A study provided data on variables that may be related to the number of weeks a manufacturing worker has been jobless due to layoff. The dependent variable in the study (WEEKS) was defined as the number of weeks a worker has been jobless due to a layoff. The following independent variables were used in the study:
AGE:The age of the worker
EDUC:The number of years of formal education
MARRIED:A dummy variable: 1 if married, 0 otherwise
HEAD:A dummy variable: 1 if the head of the household, 0 otherwise
TENURE:The number of years in last job
OCCUP:1 if management occupation, 2 if sales occupation, 3 other occupation

The results of this study are provided on your data sheet.
(a)Analyse the data using multiple regression techniques.
(b)Provide a summary of your findings, suitable for inclusion in a management report.

3.A manufacturing company designed an experiment to determine whether the number of defective parts produced by two machines differed and if the number of defective parts produced also depended on whether the raw material needed by each machine was loaded manually or by an automatic feed system. The data are given on your data sheet.
(a)Analyse the data using appropriate statistical techniques.
(b)Provide a summary of your findings, suitable for inclusion in a management report.

You must reference your work correctly using the Harvard method. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of marks and possible proceedings under the University’s Regulations as to the Use of Unfair Means

Other Submission Details:

Your submission is aimed at an audience familiar with statistical techniques (with the exception of q 1(d), q2(b) and q3(b) where you are required to provide a summary of your analysis suitable for inclusion in a management report).

You should provide a full description of the results of each analysis, providing details of any hypothesis tests undertaken and the assumptions necessary for them to be valid, and referring to key statistics to demonstrate how you have arrived at your final conclusions.

Your submission should conform to Management School standards (see UG Handbook): the work should be on A4 paper with a standard anonymous cover sheet and stapled in the top left hand corner. The report must be word-processed and all statistical analysis must be produced using SPSS. Ideally, relevant output should be imported into the word-processed document. Graphs and tables should be clearly titled and numbered.